sew inspired

I don’t really know how to sew.

The last sewing project I did was to make a pillow-cube for our egg-drop physics project in high school. (My poor egg didn’t survive despite my efforts.)

But I’ve been inspired!

I found the pattern for this tote bag on Design*Sponge, designed by Renske Solkesz:

And now I really want to make one. Or two. And add an inside pocket…

I think my mom has an old sewing machine that just might have to make its way to my house.


4 responses to “sew inspired

  1. Love this bag & tutorial! We should make some time and try it out together one day. I have a machine, but need to put it to use more often!

    • That’s a great idea!! I think that is a “must” for one of these rainy weekends… a bit of tea, projects, plus Sara(h)-time sounds AMAZING right now.

    • Me too!! I love the “self-closing” idea of the strap. I’m really looking forward to the Dare to DIY party!

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