an island like no other

A kitchen island is next on my “to buy/build” list. I just haven’t quite figured out how I want to go about it.

A few features that I’m looking for:

  • A pull-out for my garbage, and possibly one for recycling, too. (Or one pull-out with space for two cans.) The island will most likely become my primary work space so I’d like to have the garbage receptacle within easy reach.
  • An overhang with space for 2-3 people to sit on stools that can tuck underneath when not in use.
  • Additional storage for utensils and dish towels.
  • Character. I want the island to look like it belongs in the kitchen and doesn’t look like a “get-by” piece of furniture. Some of the to-buy islands out there look super contractor-cookie-cutter. I want something that makes me smile when I see it… even in the midst of a cooking disaster.

The first island image above would work well– it meets my criteria, plus the shelves on the side would be great for extra dishes, etc. (Although I would be slightly worried about Louie playing with whatever was stored there.) I also like that the cabinets aren’t flush to the ground– you can’t see it too well, but they sit up a bit on mini legs.

This next island is similar to the one above except it has open shelves in the center, too, and a more obvious country-cottage vibe.

I like the shape of the counter top in the island below… and it’s awesome because it’s actually a drop-down leaf in the back. (I think I want a non-drop-down.)I love the look of this final island table even though it doesn’t really meet any of my criteria listed above (except the storage)… I love the lived-in, rustic look. I also like that it is more open and “airy” than the traditional cabinet-based islands. I’m trying to think of a way to make this one work.

Then there are the other features I need to decide on…

  • Base color… something fun, something traditional?
  • Counter top material and color
  • On wheels or not (to make it easy to move when/if needed)

Sara and I are going to check out Habitat for Humanity’s Builders Bargains store tomorrow and I’m going to be on the look-out for cabinets to use as an island base, counter tops, and neato drawer knobs for my bedroom dressers! (I’m hoping that if I go in with a mission I won’t come out with too many things I don’t really, truly need…)

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2 responses to “an island like no other

  1. I LOVE the last one, but I see what you mean about it not meeting your functional needs ;) Maybe we’ll find something that is a happy medium, tomorrow. Can’t wait for our adventure!

    • I keep going back to the last one, too! I look at it and fall in love with it over and over… and the others just aren’t as awesome in comparison. I’ll have to wait and see what we find tomorrow–maybe I’ll be inspired in a completely new direction!

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