kewpie dolls are creepy, fur is gross

My birthday weekend was amazing: dinner with friends and family on the day-of, antiquing with Sara then dinner and visiting with Laura and her family on Saturday, church with Sara and Kyle on Sunday followed by an early potluck dinner with most of my dad’s side of the family, where I ate way too much of yummy, yummy food! Only the dinner was specifically to celebrate my birthday–and Sara bought me a delish salted caramel mocha (my new favorite!) before we went antiquing.

Speaking of antiquing…

Sara and I met up around 1030am in Bremerton, got coffee, and then carpooled to Port Orchard to do a bit of treasure hunting. Our first stop was the Olde Central Antique Mall.

I just have to say that I love antique malls. The Olde Central had a bunch of awesome vendors as well as their fair share of random and often creepy items.

My favorite “random/creepy” find was a little Kewpie doll lounging on a miniature settee:

Creepy Kewpie

I couldn’t stop laughing.

The plastic tag around its wrist almost looks like a pearl bracelet… totally adds to the creepy-factor.

We also found a real fur coat that had seen better days… it was gross. (Sorry, no photo of that prize.)

There were a lot of great books, kitchen items, furniture pieces, old window frame-mirrors (which I plan to go back for), vintage labels and prints, coins, china… and the list goes on.

I ended up getting a copper-coated plate, a water pump for my mom, and a large roasting pan (that I ended up trading for my mom’s smaller pan).

Antiqueing Find: Copper Pan

After depositing our treasures in the car we checked out a smaller antique store and another cutesy-artsy store across the street… we didn’t find any must-haves.

It was already around 230pm at this point and we were fading fast so we went on a mission in search of sustenance. We eventually found the Corner Deli. There weren’t any other customers, but their menu looked promising and the employees were very friendly. The sandwiches we ordered were yummy, but the best part was the potato salad: they make it from scratch in the deli. SO good!

We were feeling loads better after eating… so we decided we should take another quick trip into Olde Central Antique Mall. And yes, we bought a few more items. I got a super cute little wood owl and a brass planter that was on sale for only $5! (I’m planning on painting it and I’ll put my lemon tree in it.)

Antiqueing Find: Carved Owl

Antiqueing Find: Brass Planter

(I’m going to re-pot the tree eventually.)

It was such a great way to spend the day! I am already looking forward to more antique/treasure hunts with Sara! (And other adventures, too!)

Check out what Sara found here!

If you like treasure hunting, I would highly recommend the Olde Central Antique Mall… and make sure to stop by the Corner Deli for a sandwich and potato salad while you’re there!

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  1. Can’t wait to go back! I had so much fun with you, and I’m really enjoying our antiquing / thrifting trips together. So glad to be closer to you!

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