great balls of fire

I love, love Fall.

Fire LeavesI love these leaves. They look like great balls of fire– especially when they are back-lit by the sun.

Fire Leaves

They make the gray days just that much easier to get through. How can you care about the gloom in the sky when these leaves are there to catch your eye?

Fire Leaves

I wish they could stick around until spring… but all too soon they’ll be carpeting the ground.

My big leaf maple has already lost about half of its leaves–which are still waiting to be raked up. That part of Fall I could do without.

(These trees were outside the hotel my mom and I stayed at while we were at a dog show in Ridgefield. It was a bit difficult to take a decent photo with my little camera in one hand and Taylor’s leash in the other, with him on the other end trying to sniff every inch of the lawn.)


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