too good to pass up

I know I said that my next thing to buy/build for my kitchen would be an island–and that is exactly what I had intended.

Until I went to the furniture store.

I went in with a couple of friends (Jeff & May) that were visiting from Seattle somewhat spontaneously. I was looking for ideas and inspiration for the type of table I would want to buy/build, to get a feel for the price range of tables currently on the market and to see if they had any islands.

They didn’t have any kitchen islands but they did have a decent Clearance area. And of course by “decent” I mean “very dangerous to Sarah.”

I am still slightly regretting not picking up a couple of table lamps that I saw. They had a pair for $40 that would have gone well with my living room but I really only needed one.

When we moseyed to the dining table area my eye went right to it: a dark wood, butterfly leaf counter-height table with a handful of minor damages. The damages were mostly to the finish that are only visible in the right/wrong light, a few scratches and one “chunk” out of the leaf– nothing structural.


The wood was a bit darker than what I had envisioned… but the price was right. I don’t think I could build something like this (especially with the leaf!) for less than what I bought it for. I really couldn’t pass it up.


I now own my first piece of furniture purchased from a real furniture store (non-Ikea!) and not passed down from friends/family or purchased off of craigslist. It almost makes me feel like a real adult now!

Major emphasis on “almost.”


The table didn’t come with chairs so I picked up a couple of black bar stools from Target. I might refinish or distress them at some point but they do the job for now–and eventually they will be placed at the kitchen island and I’ll get some chairs for the table.

The other great thing about finding the table is that we were able to place it where the kitchen island will be to get a “feel” for how big I really want the island and how it might look with an open base versus with closed cabinets.

And a side note: the table seemed much smaller in the store than in my little kitchen–something to keep in mind when buying furniture for yourself! I am still getting used to its hugeness and trying to figure out the best layout but I’m loving it more and more each day.


(I rarely use the door to the left of the table so it’s not an issue having the table so close to that wall… and this is the table without the leaf in!)

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  1. Ooh, I really like that table! A big kitchen table has been (and will be)on my want list for a long time now.

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