Alice at Goodwill

Once we figured out a theme (Alice in Wonderland!) for BFFL Cathy’s baby shower I couldn’t wait to get to Goodwill to see what inspiration I could find…

Goodwill Finds

  • A flowery teapot… which I think will be great for a centerpiece full of flowers! (Or with a “bouquet” of baby onesies!)
  • A glass bowl with fancy lid… will be great for sugar cubes or some other small items.
  • Tea cups… of course.
  • White candle stick holders… once the wax is melted off, they’ll also be great for the centerpiece/table-scape!
  • White glass vase… I thought it was ceramic when I bought it, but I love that it’s actually glass!
  • A neat clear glass bottle… perfect for a “DRINK ME” bottle.

The best part (other than the great prices) is that these are all things that I’ll use around my home anyway!


2 responses to “Alice at Goodwill

    • The mother-to-be loves Alice so that made it pretty easy. I just hope that all of our ideas are as great in reality as they are in our minds!! (PS. I STILL miss you.)

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