Dare to… entertain!

It’s Week #2 of the second annual Dare to DIY blog party hosted by the NewlyWoodwards!

This week’s theme is “dare to entertain.”

Dare to Entertain

Most of the time I have people over it isn’t feasible to have a sit-down meal, but I wanted to set my table anyway and pretend.

Dare to Entertain

I used things from around my house. The only “new” things are the little metal pumpkin picks (90% clearance from Jo Ann Fabrics so they were only 39 cents each!) and the watercolor names in the picture frames that serve as place cards.

Dare to Entertain

The centerpiece is the same one I put together earlier this fall, with the addition of the pumpkin picks (one of which I broke off of the “pick” part) and the little owl I found at a local antique shop.

Dare to Entertain

I painted the place cards in the same way as I did my “give thanks” sign from last week with a little heart (the napkins are hiding part of the hearts in both photos) and streaks of yellow and red.

Dare to Entertain

My napkins are super wrinkled and I couldn’t get them to fold any way I wanted so I just tied a knot around the silverware and placed the little bundle on the plates.

Dare to Entertain

Now I really want to have people over for dinner!

But two people (or more if I used the leaf extension) would have to stand since I only have the two stools so far…

Dare to Entertain

Or they could hang out with Taylor on the floor. He wouldn’t mind, I’m sure, especially if they liked to share.


17 responses to “Dare to… entertain!

    • I know, right?! I love him! I’m thinking he needs a name, though. And to think I came THIS close to not buying him!

    • Thanks! I love the colors, too–I just wish I could remember where I got them so I could get more place mats!

    • Thanks! I’ve had those little frames for nearly ever and couldn’t figure out what I should do with them–until now!

    • Thanks! The pumpkins are from Michael’s–I got them since they’re appropriate for October through November. (Unfortunately my cat likes them, too, and every now and then figures out how to get them out of the jars and I find them in random places throughout the house…)

  1. I’m all about hanging with Taylor. Looks like a snuggler. On my way over.

    Love your table. And, the owl? ADORABLE! I really like the woven placemats, too. And, the watercolor placecards are so creative.

    Everything looks great. Thanks for linking up.

    • Haha Taylor is a snuggler! He takes a little while to warm up to people, but things go much more quickly if they have treats or a ball/toy for him to chase!

    • Thanks!! I think the owl makes the whole centerpiece complete. And if you were a guest, I’d let you have a stool to sit!

  2. The little owl guy is adorable! And I love those pumpkins in the jar (I have a bunch at my house, too!). The frames are such a cute idea!

  3. that’s beautiful!! so simple and natural! i am in love with that little owl too! i have a bunch of owls on my bookshelf currently :)

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