more copper!


After finding my new dining/kitchen table I needed some chairs (other than the stools I got at Target).

My mom and I decided to go on an adventure to The Old Cannery in Sumner/Puyallup. It had been awhile since we were there last and thought they might have some decent chairs.

We didn’t find anything we had to have (other than a bit of fudge–yum!), but I got some ideas of what types of prices might be out there (yikes!) and some inspiration for other to-build pieces like a trash bin and a chest for extra blankets.

Our next stop was the downtown area of Sumner where we went to a wide range of decor-ish and antique stores. My favorite stores were the Simple Tidings and Kitchen place and the Whistle-Stop Antique Mall.

The Kitchen store had a great selection of kitchen items, plus candles, soaps, tea (I was so tempted!), cut metal art, table linens, etc.


The Antique Mall was the best kind of malls… lots of vendors with treasures tucked away (or piled) all over so that you really have to look to find the good stuff. I would have taken a few photos but all too quickly I found my hands too full of goodies to be able to use my camera. (The “strange finds” this time were many ceramic urinals and bedpans. Ew! If you collect them… I apologize. But… really?!?)


I managed to escape without spending too much… I know it could have been so much worse if I wasn’t getting hungry and tired!


I found three copper pieces to hang in my kitchen plus a little copper “butter urn” and a copper pig jello mold. I had no idea I would be able to find pieces that went so well with my first copper find so quickly!


I had to get a bit creative to hang up two of my new copper pieces… but I managed. Eventually.