harvest bounty

Pink Lady Apples

I had plans to meet up with a college friend a few weeks ago somewhere in between my home and his. We decided Olympia would be a good midway point but had no idea where we should go or what we should do… so I asked another friend for suggestions.


One of her suggestions was the Olympia Farmers’ Market. I had never been before and I love farmers’ markets so it was an easy decision.

Winesap Apples


I had no idea what I was in for. So many awesome vendors! So many bakers (we each got a filled croissant from The San Francisco Street bakery–YUM)! So many apples I’d never heard of!



I was impressed by how many people were at the market even though it was a gray and drizzly day. (It probably helped that most of the market was inside a barn-like building and the food vendors all had covered seating.)

Golden Delicious

I definitely want to make another trip down there in the near future… and again during the spring… and probably again next summer to see the variety of the market through the seasons!


Check out their website here for more information!


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