Things That Make Me Smile, vol. 4

Life being what it is (crazy, unpredictable, no “pause” or “easy” button), I decided it was time for my 4th Things That Make Me Smile list…

1. Harney & Sons Holiday Tea. Enough spice to make it special without being overpowering. I take a sip and am gently reminded to be happy… it’s the holidays! And then I want to invite everyone over for a holiday gathering with tea, wine, and goodies. (If you live in the Kitsap County area, the Starbucks at Barnes & Noble in Silverdale sells the H&S Historic Royal Palaces blends–including the Holiday Tea– in tins with 30 sachets!)

2. Snow Tollers. How can this face NOT make you smile? Seriously! (This is also one of Taylor’s characteristic stances: rear-end up in the air, tail waving, waiting for you to throw the ball/squeaky duck…)


3. Restoration Hardware’s No-Crack Super Hand Cream. I love lotions and this is one of my current favorites. I got a trio of minis with one of each of the Lemon Meyer, Grapefruit Ginger, and Sweet Orange scents for Christmas last year from my aunt and family. They all smell so yummy! My favorites are the lemon and orange. (They also have other great scents like lemongrass and cucumber-mint!)

4. Sensaria Pomegranate Body Butter. Like I said… I like lotions! This is another current favorite. I use the hand cream above after I wash my hands throughout the day but I use the body butter after I shower in the morning. It smells so yummy! I also love the pomegranate lip balm and shower sugar from Sensaria.

5. Decorating for the seasons/holidays. I haven’t had time to decorate for Winter/Christmas yet… but I smile just thinking about it! I did some decorating for Fall, but it is time to take those things down. I can’t wait to put up my tree, my snowmen, and maybe make a few new decorations to add to my small (but growing) collection!

6. My friends, continuing traditions… as weird as some might think they are. This makes my heart smile, too.

The feet of some of our high school friends, plus some significant others, at John and Tina’s engagement party last month. (My foot is bottom center, with the black flats + red Christmas socks! I know you can’t see them… but they have Christmas trees on them.)

Want to see more of the various things that make me smile? Check out the first volume for a little bit about why I decided to start these lists, then the second, and the third.


6 responses to “Things That Make Me Smile, vol. 4

  1. i picked up some H&S holiday tea based on your recommendation…. awesome. i’m heading back for a loose tin asap as we’re about to run out of the sachets.

    • I’m so glad you like it!! It’s one of my new favorites (I’m brewing some right now, actually!)

      • Um…I love senaria bodies butter (green tea). I used it on by belly while prego. Second, I have those bending snowmen and love them. Third, dogs playing in the snow…priceless. And last I love the MEYER LEMON name, maybe a name for my poor pathetic blog. XOXO

        • Ooo I haven’t tried the green tea body butter!! And I totally think you should name your blog Meyer Lemon something… especially if you paint your door yellow!

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