old windows, new mirrors


I’m so excited to finally show you my new mirrors!!

I took my mom to the Olde Central Antique Mall (where I went with Sara a little while ago) so she could help me pick out a couple of old-window-frame-mirrors. They sat on my kitchen floor for a little bit until she could come over to help me hang them… and now they’re finally up!


I am in love with the imperfections, the details, the character…


I decided to get two smaller mirrors instead of one larger mirror because I thought it would look better if there were two pieces to break the wall up and so it wouldn’t be as glaringly obvious that the table isn’t centered.



I love the rustic feel of the window frames over the clean-cut table. A bit of old to balance out the new.



Now I just need to clean the mirrors…

PS. A very happy birthday to my dear friend John W.! Less than three, always!


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    • They came like that!! I wish I could take credit for them… the Olde Central Antique Mall has a bunch of different window-mirrors, plus some that don’t have mirrors in them. It’s a dangerous, dangerous place!

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