illustrations only get you so far

Last Tuesday was a long day. Work was rough–a lot of things going on in general, but then I had plans to leave for nearly a week so the pressure was on to get some things accomplished. 5 o’clock finally came and I started to head home… only to get pulled over by a cop on my road. Figures.

Apparently my headlight was out.

I thought the light (or lack of) seemed odd when I left work, but I didn’t have much extra thinking power to do anything more than notice.

The cop lady was very nice–no ticket!

I got back from my trip around 730pm Monday evening after driving down to Southern California, going to a dog show, and then driving back up. We were a bit tired.

My mom and I had stopped to buy a replacement bulb on our way home so I’d be able to drive back to my place safely. We spent about 20 minutes trying to install the new headlight with no success. It dawned on us to compare the new bulb to the old and then realized that the plugs were different sizes: the new bulb didn’t fit.


I made it to work on Tuesday and then went on a mission after work to another auto parts store to get another new bulb that actually fit my headlight.

I went inside, told Auto Parts Dude #1 that my headlight is out, I bought a new bulb but it doesn’t fit, here’s the new one and here’s my old one.

APD #1 looked at me, looked at the two bulbs, then took the old one and pulled off the plug (like an adapter) and put both pieces back on the counter.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

Then APD #2 piped in, “Sucks, don’t it?”

I just said “thanks” and left before they could offer to help me… assuming they would have offered, that is.

That adapter piece was NOT in the owner’s manual!

I was able to install my headlight after that with little trouble (and lots of grumblings towards APD #1 and #2) and felt very accomplished.

I don’t have much trouble figuring out how to do things around the house–but my car is another story completely. Thankfully the owner’s manual has instructions with illustrations… but apparently illustrations only get you so far, and not far enough to actually be useful.


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  1. I hate car stuff! I feel accomplished when I can even add windshield wiper fluid in the right spot.

    • Haha I don’t even do that!! I just let the people who change my oil every 3-4 months do it for me. One of these days that might come back to haunt me, though.

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