Freshly Pressed!!

I logged into my WordPress account this evening and did a double-take…

That kitty looks a lot like Louie.


That IS Louie!

My DIY wreaths post is being featured on the WordPress Freshly Pressed!!

I can’t quite believe it. This post (and the screenshot above) will serve as a reminder/proof that it happened.

On that note… I’d like to welcome all those who were taken in by Louie’s cute mug chomping on my Christmas lights, and thank you for visiting my little corner of the online world! And for the wonderful comments!!

I invite you to read a bit about me and my lil’ blog and to take a look around at some of the other things I’ve been up to recently… like the birds I painted for a gift, or the engagement shoot I did for a couple of friends in Tacoma (or the one I did at Clear Creek Nursery), and I can’t forget to mention the cuteness that took place during the first snow of the season!

I also have to send some blog-love to the NewlyWoodwards, the hosts of the Dare to DIY blog party and one of the reasons why I was encouraged to exercise my craftiness this holiday season! (Check out what other DIY-ers came up with for the “dare to deck the halls” challenge this week here!)

Again, thank you… and enjoy.


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