{ Marcus + Erin }

My little cousin Erin got married.

I guess she isn’t quite so little anymore… but I’ll always picture her as the young girl running around with my sister, jumping on the trampoline, chasing chickens, and watching TGIF. It doesn’t matter how old she is now or that she’s married. She’ll always be little Erin Inez to me.

SiblingsShe and Marcus asked me to take photos on their wedding day. I was honored that they asked and I am so glad that I was able to do it!

{M+E} The Dress

Erin isn’t your typical girly-girl. I don’t think I’ve EVER seen her hair done up and rarely see her in dresses outside of dances or other weddings where she’s been a bridesmaid.

{M+E} Bible Shoes

Needless to say, she looked amazing. Her hair, make-up and dress were perfection, but it all paled in comparison to the love, joy, and excitement you could see on her face (especially each time Marcus would come by the girls’ room, hide behind the corner to tell her something important, and then dart away with an “I love you babe,” “OK sweetie,” or other such sincere endearments).

Enough of my chatter… here are some photos of Marcus and Erin’s day:

{M+E} Library Shoes

{M+E} Rings

{M+E} Final Touches

{M+E} Lacing Up

{M+E} Down the Aisle

{M+E} Waiting

{M+E} Man and Wife

{M+E} The Couple

{M+E} The A-M-E-N Siblings

{M+E} First Dance

{M+E} Mother-Son Dance

{M+E} Father-Daughter Dance

{M+E} Cutting the Cake


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  1. I am guessing I know you better than most and I still can’t keep track of your hundreds of cousins! Beautiful photos

    • Haha I know… you do a pretty decent job, though. Whenever I have to list my cousins I mentally go through the family tree to make sure I don’t miss anyone, starting with my dad’s oldest brother and working down to the youngest sister, Tami. (Erin is Micah’s younger sister.) Then you add in cousins-by-marriage and it just gets even more crazy!

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