full tummy


I managed to snap a handful of photos on Christmas Day. Most of the time I was too busy eating, being entertained by the “boys”, visiting, or strategizing during the Tree Gift game.


The photos I did manage to get were of the most important things… the food.


(Ok, the food isn’t really the most important thing, but it’s up there. Right after family and dessert.)


We had a couple different salads and yummy potatoes (not pictured), both with plenty of bacon. And bacon on the side.

Beef cooked to perfection.


Green jello. Apparently it’s a Swedish thing… at least in my family. It was pretty tasty.

I kind of want some right now.


And of course… dessert. I got too busy to take a picture of all of the goodies. I made the American Test Kitchen blueberry pie (with the same crust I used at Thanksgiving–the one with vodka in it). There were only 2 pieces left over!! Oh gosh so good…


My tastebuds can’t wait until next year.