happy new years eve

I had planned to do a more traditional New Year’s Eve post… but then my computer decided to go on strike.

Happy Place

And by “go on strike” I mean “refuse to work, possibly die.” The operating system failed and the hard drive got corrupted.

Or something.

I reinstalled Windows on my other hard drive successfully, but I can’t access the internet yet and I can’t “see” the corrupted hard drive–which means I can’t recover my photos I hadn’t backed up yet, music, etc.

So this New Years Eve I’mĀ ecscaping to my mental Happy Place (the Sea of Cortez) and trying to be optimistic about salvaging what remains of my hard drive without needing to spend oodles of money to get it done.

Baja Sails

Thankfully my parents don’t live too far away so I could make use of their computer and internet to search for solutions… and to update the blog.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve!


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  1. My laptop died a couple weeks ago and we need to get a new operating system for it. So, I feel you pain :-( Hopefully you or someone can get it back up and running! Also if you need Ricky’s computer mind – let me know and I will send him over!

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