a little paint, a big difference


I lost the charger for my camera batteries.

I don’t even remember where I had it or used it last… not good.

I can only think of a handful of places it might be, one of which is my office/guest room. Also not really good because my office/guest room is where I stash the homeless odds and ends that I haven’t placed since I moved in well over a year ago.

I set out to clean my office/guest room in the hopes of finding my charger.

I had barely begun when I decided that I just HAD to paint my file cabinet. It’s been on my list for awhile… but I needed to paint it NOW.

I started with this…


A few episodes of Bones later (thank you Netflix Instant Play) I had this…


I still can’t find my charger and my office/guest room is still a mess.

But at least I can take one little project off my list… and I am loving how it turned out.


(I am trying to convince myself that it would be way too silly to paint the desk right now so that it matches the file cabinet… I want to do it at some point for sure. Or build a new one. Or both?)

UPDATE: I found my charger!! It wasn’t in my office/guest room after all… it was in the side pocket of my work bag I had taken on a recent trip. Whew.

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    • I think it’s because I have control issues. I want a desk how I want it… and finding what I want (for how much I want to pay) is next to impossible. Plus, building is more fun and more gratifying!!

  1. Wow it looks awesome! I’m glad we both love paint so much. It just fixes all problems.

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