good as new, but a bit dirty


This is what motivation looks like.


Antique, rusty motivation.


Motivation to learn how to sew. Really sew.


It’s my great grandmother’s 301 Singer sewing machine. It’s a bit dusty… but it works. The light bulb is still good! And the bobbins are still in place! And it’s threaded!


Makes me wonder what she was working on last… using dark green thread.

I found an online version of the original users’ manual. Hopefully I’ll be able to figure out how to change out the parts, thread it, and eventually use it.


I have pillows and curtains to make! Maybe even clothes one day!

But until then… it’s pretty quaint sitting on a table in front of my kitchen window, waiting to be cleaned.


One response to “good as new, but a bit dirty

  1. so. stinking. cool. can’t wait to see what this puppy puts out. i absolutely love that it was threaded. i think you’ll have to do something special with that green thread.

    a little birdy told me there might be a spinning wheel from my great grandma somewhere in the family. i’m going on a mission to see if it’s out there somewhere.

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