it just needs a bit of paint

I made my mom stop at Goodwill with me a little while ago. I decided to get only what I could carry–we didn’t have a ton of time but I wanted to see if they had a table lamp that would be appropriate for my living room.

It needed to be tall and bulky enough to balance out the hefty side table and give off enough light to function in the room without needing the overhead light.

I lucked out!


Yes, it’s dark foresty-jungle-green. Not exactly the look I am going for in that room… it doesn’t go too well with my sagey-green walls. But for about $8 it works! (And I have plans to paint it… not sure what color yet.)

I also grabbed this little scalloped-edged lampshade for about $4.


So for a total of $12ish, I got myself much needed light!


I love Goodwill.


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  1. that is such a pretty lamp. love the color. p.s. very excited to go antiquing with my sara(h)s! aaand see you this weekend? yes? maybe? no? please? xoxo

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