bloggy goodness!

I follow way too many blogs.

I follow so many that it is rare that I read them all… sometimes I get to the point where I just mark a bunch “as read” without actually reading them.

I have a bunch of foodie blogs in my Google Reader because I love to cook; a bunch of home decor-ish and crafty blogs because I’m a homeowner that likes to do crafty things; a bunch of wedding blogs for photo inspiration (and they have a lot of ideas that can be used for planning showers, etc. too! not just weddings!); some “mommy” blogs because they’re entertaining and they have some great ideas for running a home–kids or not… plus a few just “fun” blogs that give me a good read or chuckle.

There are a handful that never get the “mark as read” treatment: I read each and every blog post because they are just that good.

1. Pioneer Woman. I’ve mentioned her blog before and the amazing recipes she posts and photographs. PW is at the top of my must-read list. Great stories, adorable kids, COWBOYS, horses, dogs, amazing recipes, photography tips, killer give-aways… she has (and does) it all. Oh, AND she’s written a romance novel based on her courtship with her hubby, Marlboro Man! Black Heels to Tractor Wheels! It’s going to be published soon with additional chapters not included in the online version. So excited!

2. Young House Love. My friend Sara introduced me to YHL awhile back. It didn’t take long for YHL to be added to my own must-read list. They have great DIY ideas and tips for real homeowners on a budget! They also talk about a lot of green alternatives and the ways they reduce their own carbon footprint that could be adapted to nearly any lifestyle. They just purchased a new house and I’m really looking forward to seeing how they make the new blank slate of a house into their home.

3. XKCD. I have no idea what it stands for or what it means. All you need to know is that he posts short comic strips about “romance, sarcasm, math and language” three times a week (MWF) that never fail to give me a good chuckle. (If you read them, make sure you hover over the strip to read the alternative text… it took me awhile to figure out that there was a “secret” part of comics! Sometimes it’s the best part.)

4. Hyperbole and a Half. I recently “discovered” this blog so I haven’t been reading long… but OMG she makes me laugh out loud! Hyperbole is another comic-like blog, but not in comic strips like XKCD. She illustrates her stories with Paint pictures. I can’t really do it justice… so please just go read her posts! Just in case you don’t know where to start, these are just a few that have given me a good chuckle (mostly because I’ve been able to relate in one way or another–or many): The Four Levels of Social Entrapment, World’s Best Relationship Tips, This Is Why I’ll Never Be An Adult, and Expectations vs. Reality. (I could easily link to almost every one of her posts… but I won’t.)

5. Simple Mom. I know, I’m not a mom. Plus, I don’t really read EVERY post from Simple Mom. However, this blog has some really great tips that any household can benefit from to live a more simple, organized, healthy, and meaningful life. Here are some of the posts that I have liked, and that might give you a better idea of what Simple Mom is all about: 11 tips for eating healthy on a budget, Five Steps Toward a Greener Kitchen, How To Live A Better Story, and Perfection: the thief of “good enough”.

There are a bunch others… some of which I may share with you in the future. These should keep you occupied for awhile, though (if they’re not already in your own Reader of choice!). Do you have any blogs on your list that I might be missing out on??

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