Tacoma Museum of Glass

Visiting the Tacoma Museum of Glass has been on my “to-do” list for a long time. I’ve driven by the Chihuly Bridge of Glass countless times and thought about how silly it was to have lived in Western Washington for all my life and have never been to the museum.

I took John and Tina’s engagement photos in the area a few months ago and got to walk across the bridge, which was awesome, but we didn’t actually visit the museum. (The photo above is the inside of the Hot Shop Amphitheater cone, looking up, and is the same cone in the background of this photo from John and Tina’s engagements.)

I finally got to go to the museum with my dear friend Liz this past weekend. It was a great afternoon of catching up, admiring art and mad glass-blowing skillz, and finishing with a yummy dinner at Harmon Brewery (All-You Can Eat fish and chips on Sundays with $3 pints of Harmon brews!).

One of the glass dudes gave a quick glass bubble-blowing demonstration…


We got to watch the team complete a Venetian goblet designed by one of the team members who had been working with glass since he was 14 years old!


I didn’t get a decent photo of the final product so you’ll just have to take my word for it that it turned out amazing.

There were many, many beautiful, strange, intricate, odd, disturbing, etc piece of art throughout the museum. Unfortunately you can’t take photos in most of the museum but I got this one in the Hot Shop area:


My favorite exhibit was “Kids Design Glass” where local kids created designs and then they were translated into glass by the Hot Shop team members and a few visiting artists. Some of the descriptions of the pieces were just as great as the glass works themselves… like “bacon boy,” a super hero made of bacon; “pizza cat”; a monster that was described as “don’t let her cuteness fool you. She’s a meat eater!”… and many others. I wish I could remember more or have photos to share with you, but you’ll just have to go and check it out for yourself!

It was a great way to spend a Sunday!

(PS. If you’re a college student you get free admission to the museum on Sundays!)


4 responses to “Tacoma Museum of Glass

  1. I’m glad you got to experience it! And I love (and miss) the Harmon. So many good beers (especially the Vanilla Porter…mmmm).

    • The Harmon is sooo good! I feel like I am cheating on Silver City… but I think that the Harmon has much better food these days. Although I still love Silver City beer!

  2. nice photos! lovely to see you! haha i was wondering how you knew about the status of the one glass guy. then i looked on their web site and it says, “to the disappointment of many visitors, Ben’s a happily married man.” awwwww

    • Haha yeah, I saw that note when I was looking for more information about the museum and it made me chuckle… I guess we aren’t the only ones!

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