DIY Kitchen Island, Take IV

Yes, another island post. I promise I am almost finished! (And I can’t wait!!)

Since the last update the drawer faces have been made and the drawer slides have been installed–so I have working drawers! My dad got a bit creative and added a nice routered edge to the drawers… I love details.

But the biggest development is the finish!! I applied the glaze!
I have to admit that I was a bit scared for this step. It’s been a lot of work to get the island to this point and I was worried that I wouldn’t like it as much with the glaze as I did without. I mean… it looks like liquidy mud, right? (I used Valspar’s Tintable Glaze matched to a light brown, but then I had the paint dude add more brown so it’s a totally custom color. I call it Mudd.)

So first I tested it on a scrap piece of wood with primer (which isn’t quite right since I actually primed and then painted with Behr’s Off White… but it still gave me practice to figure out what in the world I was doing).

I brushed it on…

And lightly wiped it off with a rag…

Then I attacked the first leg of the island. The glaze is pretty forgiving. It’s “slow drying” which gives you time to re-work it to get the look you want.

By the time I was finished I figured out what worked best for what I wanted. I ended up using the electric sander to distress the corners and some of the surfaces so the glaze would soak in differently. I tried to get down through the paint so that I could see the wood but not too much where the wood was completely naked. I went too far a few places and the glaze wouldn’t really “take” to those areas. You’ll see the darker areas in the “after” photos below where I distressed more heavily.

I embraced the imperfections.

I would paint the glaze on in batches… like a leg and part of an end. Then I would go back to the leg and slowly and gently start wiping off the glaze after it had a short time to set into the surface. I found that wiping in soft circles helped to prevent streaks. If an area seemed too light or if I wanted the distressed areas to be darker I would add more glaze and let it sit while I began to apply glaze on the next area.

Leg Before Distressing/Glaze:

Leg After Distressing/Glaze:

Back Before Distressing/Glaze:

Back After Distressing/Glaze:

End Before Distressing/Glaze:

End After Distressing/Glaze (the lighting makes it look much darker than it really is):

This one shows it a little more true…

I also primed and painted the drawers but they were still too wet to distress.


I really love how the finish has turned out so far. I just keep thinking about how different the lighting in my dad’s garage is from the lighting in my kitchen. I just hope I still like it when I get it home!

Next up is distressing the drawers and applying the clear protective coat over the finish.

The next island post should be the final one… in my kitchen!!


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  1. Love it! I keep refreshing my Reader to see if you have a new post with updates. This island is amazing and I can’t wait to see it finished in your kitchen!!

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