specialist… or jill of all trades?

Is it possible to have too many hobbies and interests?


As of today I have in-process projects that include watercolors, knitting, sewing, woodworking, and paper-crafting.


I also want to learn to crochet and try my hand in encaustic painting.

And expand my cooking and gardening skills so I can replace processed foods with homemade/grown.


Oh, and go hiking/exploring more.

And re-learn to play my cello.

And of course expanding my photography skills and portfolio.

I like having projects… but I wonder: should I focus on one or two and become super awesome in them, or continue to dabble in a bunch and have a variety of things I can do so-so (some better than others)?


And if I were to pick one or two to “specialize” in… how would I pick??

I think my discomfort at the thought of giving up any of my current hobbies/interests (and not being able to explore new ones) gives me my answer.

I’m not destined to be a specialist. I’ll be a Jack Jill-of-all-trades.

Even if that means I have brushes, yarn, sewing materials, and hammers strewn across my coffee table at all times.

Do you know of any medium/craft/hobby I’m missing out on? Clearly I am not opposed to adding more to my list…

2 responses to “specialist… or jill of all trades?

  1. This post seriously makes me smile :)

    Don’t become a specialist… Jill-of-All-Trades is much more fun.

    I was going to say I would add woodworking to your list, but it’s already there. Maybe I was thinking of myself. Hehe.

    You could add preserving to your list. It sort of falls under cooking, but if you have a good garden, you’re going to want your preserving skills up. You could also add wine making or beer brewing, cheese making, meat curing, etc.

    & Spinning ;) Ok… that’s probably for my list too. I’m trying to track down a possible lead on a spinning wheel somewhere in my family.

    Anyway, I’ll let you know if I think of more. From one Jill-of-All-Trades to another.

  2. oooh, list making! I love list making.

    Love Laura’s ideas on food preservation. Speaking of food preservation, Laura should join us in one of those classes! I have a post coming up about this soon, but canning / pickle making would be awesome to do together and add to your list.

    As for learning to crochet – let me know and I can help with that :)
    You could also add being future business owner to your list, too?!

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