i love surprises (mostly)

It is dangerous taking your mother into Goodwill.

Especially when she knows what you like, collect, etc.


Thankfully (or maybe not) I decided to get only what I could carry, but when she picked up this set of copper canisters I knew I couldn’t leave without them. (I did leave behind a lovely milk glass pedestal bowl… I’m still regretting it a bit. But I couldn’t carry it with my lamp in my arms!)

They were all taped together so I couldn’t tell how many there were or their condition… so it was kind of like getting a wrapped present with a surprise inside! Double excitement!


There were FOUR!! (Not all that surprising really since most sets like this come with four… but one could have been missing! Or without its lid!)


And they obviously hadn’t been cleaned before the last owner donated them. The coffee canister was covered in sugar. Groady.


A bit of soap, water, and a Magic Eraser-elbow grease later, I had four shiny canisters!



For the most part they are in great condition. The coffee one has the most spotage on its lid that I couldn’t get off.


I’m not sure where I am going to put them or what I am going to use them for yet (except for the tea one–it sits by my water pot) so for now they’ll hang out on the top shelf of my kitchen shelf thing.


(I don’t want to leave it there because my copper plates are on either side of the shelf thing… that would be a bit too much copper-ness. Gotta spread it out a bit.)

And a very, very happy birthday to my dear friend Laura!


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