february goals shmoals

January has come and gone… and I did great with one of my goals and not-so-well with the others…

  1. Eat breakfast everyday. Nailed it. Well, during the week anyway. “Breakfast” was more like “brunch” a few times during the weekends. I hope to keep this up through the rest of the year… maybe switch up what I have though. While my oatmeal is quite delish, I’m afraid I’ll get bored with it after too long and then my breakfast-streak will go out the window.
  2. Exercise at least 3 times a week. Eh… not so much. The first week I did great… then I decided to build a kitchen island and spent many evenings at my parents’ house instead of working out. I had hoped to increase my days of exercising for February, but instead I’m just hoping to get the 3 times a week to stick in my routine.
  3. Organize/clean my garage so I can park in it again. Definitely didn’t happen. Not even a little bit. Although I did buy a shelf unit for $5 (down from $25!) that should help… but I still need to get myself out there to do it.

In February I want to continue with my January goals and…

  1. Go to bed between 10pm and 1030pm. Currently I’m going to bed after 11pm and it just ain’t workin’ for me. I think the “extra time” I get by staying up later is actually more detrimental than beneficial to my mental health.
  2. Make dinner at least once a week using a new recipe from one of my many cookbooks (or something found online). I have a stack of cookbooks that I love but rarely use, plus I don’t cook a real dinner for myself as often as I should. I’m hoping this will expand my cooking skills, give me lunches for the work week, and perhaps even give me an excuse to have people over! Oh the possibilities…
  3. Prune my blueberry bushes! I have three huge blueberry bushes that are in desperate need of attention. Apparently you’re supposed to prune them when they’re dormant… so now’s the time! Hopefully I don’t kill them. (I got some great tips from the gardening class I went to and I’m excited to put them to use!)
  4. Make at least one hand made gift. Last month I joined in on the “pay it forward” hand-made gifts bandwagon in which I offered to make 10 people a hand-made gift this year. (5 via Facebook, 5 via this post.) This month I want to make and send off at least one of those gifts! (This will be a monthly goal until they are all complete.)

How are your resolutions going so far? Are you going by-the-year, by-the-month, or something different entirely–or not at all? Any one thing that seems to have helped (or not) to keep you on track? I’d welcome any advice/tips/encouragement that would help me with mine!