a mad hatter tea party shower

My sister and I hosted a baby shower for one of her close friends, with help from two other friends of the momma-to-be’s.

We went with an Alice-in-Wonderland/Mad Hatter tea party theme. The shower had been in the works for awhile so I was looking forward to finally putting our ideas into action!

Jayme and I made a bunch of tissue paper pom-pom flowers. We strung lines of them across the living room using fishing line so that it would look like they were floating.


We actually strung three lines originally but one fell down over night… instead of trying to re-hang it (they weren’t easy to hang! especially considering how exhausted we both were the night before the party) I just put the pom-pom flowers on either side of the wine bar with some Wonderland-inspired arrow signs and crepe paper streamers. (That last one reads “wine way” not “wing way”…)


I also made some pansy-like flowers out of cardstock based on some of the flowers from the garden part of the Alice in Wonderland Disney movie. (We stuck them to the wall using blue painter’s tape.)


Moses approved.


Jayme picked up three bunches of flowers from Costco (yellow and pink spider mums and a bunch of carnations) and I scavenged my parents’ property for greens. I was able to make six good bouquets out of it (including two in teapots!) and put the remaining carnations in a handful of miscellaneous vessels.


The keys strung around the container above were leftovers from another project. I got them in the scrapbooking area at a craft store.


We asked that guests come with their best tea party hats–and many of them did! It was great! Plus, the mother of one of the girls let us borrow a bunch of her hats so everyone would be sure to have one.


Of course there were a few baby shower games…


And Baby G got lots of great gifts from the many ladies that already love her! (I seriously doubt she’ll wear the same thing twice for the first year of her life.)


And what baby shower is complete without a diaper cake?! This one was made to fit the theme and had the cutest Mad Hatter and Alice stuffed toys on it. (Plus some figurines that were added on later…)



I loved helping plan this shower… it made me remember how great Alice in Wonderland is! And it’s such a fun theme to work with! As always there were other ideas we wanted to try out but ran out of time and energy to do them… maybe next time. ;)

PS. Happy birthday to my far-away friend Annaliese!!


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    • Thanks, Kim! Good luck with the shower for your sister-in-law! (Is it the Dr Seuss themed one?) I can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with for it!

  1. I am in charge of games for my god daughter “Mad Hatter Tea Party” baby shower. I am curious as to what games you played?

    Thank you

    • We didn’t play too many games… just the toilet-paper thing where the guests guess how many pieces of TP it takes to go around the mommy-to-be’s baby belly. Good luck coming up with games! And have fun!!

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