Things That Make Me Smile, vol. 5

1. Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Snaps. OMG good stuff. I love ginger snaps–they taste delish, help with motion sickness/nausea, go great with tea, etc. TJ’s Triple Ginger Snaps have three kinds of ginger in them… ground, fresh, and candied. The cookies have a distinct texture that I haven’t found in any other ginger snap, with little bits of the candied ginger throughout. (They also come in a cookie thin version!) If you don’t like ginger you really won’t like these. Oh, and apparently I’m not the only one to love these… the Triple Ginger Snaps were the #2 favorite TJ product of 2010!

2. Antiquing/Thrifting. This really shouldn’t be much of a surprise. I love the hunt for unique finds. I tend to go for the useful items and I try not to buy anything unless I know (or have a good idea) what I’ll use it for or where I will put it. It might take me awhile to find the right item, but the hunt is more than half the fun! (Plus it is even more fun when I get to go with friends!)


You really never know what you might find…

Creepy Kewpie

3. Working computers. Both my home and work desktops have had issues lately. Thankfully I just got a new work desktop and I am hoping to get a new one at home soon. I’ll be much happier when I do and no longer have to wonder if this blue screen is the real Blue Screen of Computer Doom.

4. My friends. Some are like family, others are family-by-blood. I love them all and the different roles they play in my life. (This is a big one. My lists aren’t ranked, but overall my friends definitely rank at or at least very near the top.)

5. Pretty sunsets on my drive home from work. Because they’re pretty and they remind me that the days are getting longer and spring isn’t too far away.

6. My crocuses that are breaking ground. That means I actually planted some of them successfully! And again, spring is coming!

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2 responses to “Things That Make Me Smile, vol. 5

  1. I love that little Kewpie Doll… so creepy but everytime I see that picture I bust out laughing because at one point, someone thought it was ok to display that probably in their home! hahaha!

    • Haha I know, right?! It creeps me out… but makes me chuckle. So in the end it’s a good thing. I think. I wonder if anyone has purchased it yet… or if it’s still lounging there!

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