peeking crocuses

A part of me had doubts about whether or not the bulbs I planted in the fall would actually do anything. Not that it takes a ton of skill to plant bulbs… but if I expected nothing and got anything I’d consider myself successful.

I mentioned that my crocuses were starting to come up, which got me super excited. I check them regularly to see if there are any blooms yet–and finally there are!


A lot of them just look like grass– even the bunnies like them. (This doesn’t make me as happy. You can see the chomped-leaves on the right in the photo below.)


I meant to get some mulch to cover the “garden” areas, but I never got around to it… so they aren’t quite as pretty to look at with the random rocks and iffy soil, but they still make me happy.


And there’s white ones, too! It was a mixed bag so I’m not even sure what’s going to be where… I love the surprise!


While I was giddily snapping photos of my crocuses I noticed a few of these guys peeking through the soil:


My hyacinths!!

Oh Spring, you can’t come soon enough!

(Happy birthday, Brando!)