stripes on the mind

I can’t stop thinking about painting stripes somewhere in my house. I thought about doing them in the laundry room but right now I am leaning more towards the bathroom because there are so many things in there that bug me… I might as well do complete make-over.

I love the tone-on-tone stripes that John and Sherry from Young House Love did in the half-bath of their first house.


I am also liking the idea of getting rid of my medicine cabinet and replacing it with a regular framed mirror and adding storage above my toilet somehow. (I got the idea from my friend Tiffany, but it just lucks out that the photo from YHL above also shows a mirror instead of a medicine cabinet!) The medicine cabinet blocks so much light and I think that I would end up with more storage in the end if I had shelves/cabinets in the space about my toilet.

Here’s a photo of my bathroom from when I first moved in… it looks pretty much the same as it does now:

These are just a few of the things I don’t like/would want to change…

  • The walls above the “chair-rail” is white and below is a faux-finish of light and dark blues. It really isn’t terrible until you look closely. There are areas where the underlying aqua still shows (like right next to the shower and behind the toilet and vanity–I think you can actually see a little of it under the back left corner of the counter).
  • The “chair-rail” is plastic and unpainted and collects dust like none other.
  • The trim around the doorway isn’t flush with the walls (there’s a significant gap).
  • I don’t use two of the three towel bars/rings because of their awkward placements.
  • There’s very very little storage. Only the medicine cabinet and under the sink area. I’d love to add more somehow plus rearrange to make it more efficient.

There’s more but I think that gives you a good idea.

The first things I need to find or decide on are paint colors, vertical or horizontal stripes, and what kind of storage I should install above my toilet. Any suggestions?


3 responses to “stripes on the mind

  1. Thanks for the mention! And you and I have the EXACT same problem with our master baths. I, too, have that stupid med cabinet that blocks the light from sink/mirror. I like the dark vanity and med cabinet but if you could get a recessed med cabinet, that would take away the “overhang” look.

    Yeah… storage … my mom has been railing me about that one. She’s suggesting going to Home Depot or Lowes and talk to their bath remodel dept (apparently they have one b/c she did this) and talk to them about a new layout so it helps with the storage situation.

    There are some nice non-mirrored med cabinets at these shops, plus Target, that look good over the toilet. We did that for the downstairs bath.

    • I like that idea, too… I stared at my chair rail for awhile the other day after reading your comment, trying to decide if I could live with it and just do the stripes below it. I decided not. BUT I just happen to have a chair rail in my bedroom, too, and I’ve been itching to repaint in there… maybe more stripes!

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