my make it, bake it lifestyle

I’m kinda sorta on this new kick… I wouldn’t quite call it a “goal” or even a “diet” but it’s something that I find myself thinking about and considering whenever I go grocery shopping recently.

I am trying to eat only what I make, limiting the amount of processed foods I buy/eat.


There are a handful of reasons why this appeals to me.

Health is definitely a huge factor– if it’s not worth taking the time to make myself, is it really worth putting into my body? This idea helps me say “no” to tempting breads, cookies, and other treats that might otherwise make their way into my shopping cart.

I like knowing what exactly is going into my food. So many processed foods have crazy amounts of things that aren’t needed, from salt to things I can’t even pronounce. I’m not completely taking breads, etc. out of my diet–but deciding to make those things myself makes it easier for me to cut back on the mindless snacking that tends to happen if I pick up something “easy” from the store.

Plus, I like the challenge. I’ve always enjoyed cooking and baking so this is a way for me to expand my skills while taking better care of myself. It also gives me a project!

I’m not going hardcore only-eat-what-I-make. I still have store-bought crackers, soups, pasta, and other things around the house. I’ll eat them at some point, but I won’t buy replacements.

However, I have some exceptions that are just too good to not buy (at least until I figure out how to make them myself!) like Central Market’s fresh tortillas, Viking Feast ice cream, and cheese… and definitely tea. I won’t be giving up my H&S!


Eventually I would love to grow most of my produce… but I have some work and planning to do before I get to that point. For now I’ll try to buy in-season and take advantage of my local farmers’ markets as much as possible!

I guess you could say that I am trying to change the way I think about food. It’s not a “diet” because I hope to make it more of a lifestyle change rather than something I do for just a short amount of time until I lose so many pounds or some other goal… it’s my choice to have an “I can make it/bake it, so why buy it?” lifestyle. (It even works for my crazy obsession with building things like my kitchen island and my daybed!)

How about you? What are you doing for yourself these days? Any diets or lifestyle changes you are trying to adopt? Do you have any suggestions/recipes/resources that might help me on my quest? I’d love to hear about them all!


2 responses to “my make it, bake it lifestyle

  1. Great job. Fresh is the best way to go. It can be a pain since that means more trips to the store and also more expensive but for healthier eating the less processed the better.

    Some processed food I can’t even figure out. I’ve had some foods that had TONS of sodium listed on the package, yet the flavor was nonexistent.

    Cooking your own fresh food, you can season away and still have much less sodium than a processed meal.

    Keep up the good work.

    The Grumpy Man, even grumpier at walmart

    • Thanks for the support and encouragement! I agree–I have found that many sodium-rich processed foods are still bland in flavor. However, I have also noticed that since I’ve reduced the amounts of salt and sugar I add to my own food I now notice them more in other foods and I usually find them to be too salt/sweet. It’s interesting how we can be so used to have salt and sugar added to everything, even when there’s no need!

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