prune and mulch

I’ve been meaning to prune and mulch my blueberries ever since Sara and I took the organic gardening class back in January… and I finally got it done! Or at least started.

I didn’t get a “before” photo, but this is how they look after some minimal pruning (they are super tall… my guess is around 7-8 feet):


I might do some more but I was a bit timid since I’ve never pruned blueberries before and I really didn’t want to do too much. I erred on the side of caution.

I didn’t plan on removing the grass/moss from around the blueberries… but I started and couldn’t stop. Then I grabbed some of the fallen needles from my Ponderosa pine trees and used it to mulch around the bushes.(Picture lots of moss, grass, and long dead grass around each of the blueberry bushes as the “before”.)


Even though the sun was shining and felt wonderful on my back as I worked, the grass/moss was still saturated with water and cold. (It might be a bit hard to tell, but my jeans are soaked from the knees down and the toes of my boots are also soaked.)


My legs and hands were frozen and muddy by the time I finally finished.

My reward: a task finally crossed off of my to-do list and a nice hot bath!


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