Indian Island adventures

My parents “kidnapped” Taylor me a few weekends ago to go play on the beaches of Indian Island. (We went once last year, too… it’s becoming a favorite destination!) The sun was shining, it wasn’t raining… so it was a perfect late winter day to be on the beach in the great PNW.


Nevermind that it was also cold and super windy… so windy that my legs felt like they were being sandblasted.

Makes me laugh every time... great capture by Dad!

The pups didn’t mind.

But before they could play we did a little bit of field training with Sunny. Mom and Sunny have been going out with the local retriever club to learn how to be real field folks. (I haven’t gone out with Taylor yet… hopefully soon.)


It is so cool watching Sunny (and any other dog for that matter) do what he was bred to do! And LOVE it!

Yet another great shot by Dad!

I didn’t let the cold and wind stop me from wading in the water to get some action shots of the boys jumping and swimming after the balls. (It helped that I couldn’t feel my legs after about 5 minutes. It was weird getting out of the water and not being able to tell the difference temperature-wise.)

Sunny is a leaper…





Taylor is more of a plodder… but he still gets a little splash going!



They both slept really well on the way home. :)


My dad got this awesome shot of Taylor in the grass… so handsome. And yes, I am biased.