cat in a box

When Louie isn’t terrorizing Taylor, going hardcore Parkour all over the house, knocking things over, or stealing my things (make-up, pens, ear plugs, string, etc.)… I’m putting him he’s climbing into things.

Like boxes.


He sits there, lounging.


And purrs.

And tries to eat the box.



I wish he could be this calm (and contained!) more often.


When he’s old and boring I’ll have to remind myself how crazy he was as a kitten… he’s not even a year yet! Hopefully I will be able to appreciate his sedateness when/if he gets to that point.

Until then… I’ll keep boxes around.


And Taylor will just have to stay on his toes.



6 responses to “cat in a box

    • Haha YES! It cracks me up how well they get along. One of these days I have to figure out how to get a video of Louie attacking Taylor. I don’t think people believe me…

      • Umm, I believe you…. only because your cat tries to attack me everytime I am at your house! :-)

        • LOL you have a good point… you should feel special since not everyone “gets” to see that side of him! He just hid when people were over on Sunday!

    • Thanks :) I wish he wasn’t so scared/crazy weird on Sunday so you could have seen him more!

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