an island party

I don’t need much of an excuse to have friends over to my little humble abode.

My most recent excuse was two-fold: one, our friend Beth was in town visiting from Michigan; and two, I needed to break in my kitchen island! Plus some of my friends hadn’t even seen my house yet! I suppose this gathering was a bit overdue.

Liz offered to make some island-themed cupcakes. They turned out super cute and very yummy!


She has been expanding her cupcake and cake decorating skills and is always on the search for new inspiration for themed cupcakes. I love seeing what she comes up with each time!


I made enchiladas (so good!) and we had chips, veggies, delicious fig spread with cheese, and other goodies. As always, the best part was catching up with everyone… and watching the kids play and enjoy their broccoli. :)

I am reminded how lucky I am to have stayed friends with these great people over the years, and that many of them have found amazing partners that I can now call my friends as well.

I love that we now talk about gardening, kids, our hobbies, fence building, the price of wood, etc… I can’t even think of what we talked about when we were still “kids” in grade school.

Our crushes? Well, I guess we still talk about them, but now we call the topic “relationships” and there’s no note-passing or re-caps over developing photos of what so-and-so said… developing photos have been replaced with antiques and vintage finds.

Maybe things haven’t changed so much after all. Just the scenery.

And there I go getting all nostalgic again.


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