clear creek finds

Clear Creek Nursery was having a sale over the weekend… so of course I had to stop by to see if anything had to come home with me.

Sara and I met up after going to the Kitsap Antique Show, Costco, and Goodwill with our good friend Crystal (more on what I found at those places later!). I love going places with Sara because we have such similar tastes and ideas that we can bounce things off of one another. Sometimes that means we talk each other out of silly purchases and other times that means we end up getting more than we had originally planned, but either way it all works out better than if we go alone (plus she’s just a great friend I love any excuse to hang out!).

This time our outing to Clear Creek ended with two new outdoor pots for me (the dark blue one is a bit bigger than the rustic greenish-blue one)…



Since I don’t have my new fence built yet and no decent gardening space, gardening in pots is the easiest outlet for my gardening urges.

I also picked up some rosemary and thyme. (They both smell so yummy!)


After another stop for some potting soil, I planted the herbs in the smaller pot along with a couple of violas I had around and placed it by my kitchen door where they can get plenty of sunshine.




I re-potted my variegated pink lemon tree in the big blue pot. The lemon tree has been hanging out in my kitchen through the winter but it was time it got a face-lift and fresh air–hopefully the blossoms will get pollinated so it will actually produce a few lemons this year!



2 responses to “clear creek finds

  1. Your pots look so great! Love the little Rosemary sign in the rustic pot, too. Did you decide if you’re going to leave the tree outside? I am debating, I definitely don’t think it would hurt it at this point. XO!

    • I was too lazy to bring it back inside (and I don’t have a tray big enough to put under it to collect extra water), but I think it’s been warm enough to leave it out there. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for any unexpected cold snaps, though! I need to get a better stake for it, too… it keeps leaning!

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