goodwill goodies

I actually found a few things on my last trip into Goodwill…

A lamp base and a lamp shade (they weren’t together) for a total of $11–perfect for my bedside table. It replaces a much smaller lamp I picked up awhile ago that just wasn’t cutting it. I am not sure what I want to do with them yet as far as painting/covering… the base is white (with scuffs) and the shade is a light cream color.


I also picked up this simple chair. Again, not sure what direction I want to go with it. The wood frame is pretty scratched– do I paint? Distress? Try to re-stain? The seat is definitely going to be recovered– that nasty stain doesn’t do anything for me.


Right now I’m thinking a fun pop of color… like a chevron pattern in yellow. (I think Nat’s yellow door has yellow stuck in my mind lately!)


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