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Last weekend Sara and I decided to check out the plant sale event happening out at the Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island. It was a bit of a last-minute decision (I believe the texting-conversation happened around midnight Saturday night/Sunday morning) but it is one I am glad we made!

(Just a fair warning… this post is very photo-heavy! That is, more than usual.)

There were lots of people at the reserve… the sun was shining, there was free admission, and lots of plants to dream about buying. Sara ended up getting a few things but I just looked and fantasized about my lovely someday-gardens.

After perusing the plant sale we took our time to walk around some of the gardens on the Bloedel property. Everywhere we looked there was something interesting to see.



This magnolia tree was amazing. The flowers reminded us of tissue paper dresses floating on the branches.




We would walk and chat about different things, only to interrupt ourselves to point out a flower we liked, the way the sun was shining through the trees, or something strange we’ve never seen before.





Many of the gardens felt so natural, as though they were the way nature intended. Weeds weren’t to be seen–everything worked together to create little pockets of beauty. It was a great reminder that our own gardens don’t have to be limited to pots and linear beds.






Even the natural dead fall and mushrooms had their place in the spotlight. (At least, the spotlight of my camera lens. It’s hard to say if anyone else would notice the clump of mushrooms after passing by lovely double hellebores and daffodils on the stream bank.)


I could have spent the rest of the afternoon exploring more of the gardens… but instead I’ll just have to wait until I go back later in the season when other flowers and plants are in their prime!

(Laura and her fam made it out to the reserve the day before we were there! Check out what they thought here. And on the off chance you want to see even more photos, you can click any of them above to go to my Flickr site or click here to see my entire “The Great PNW” set. There are a handful that I didn’t include in this post.)

PS. Happy Earth Day!!


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  1. Yeah! I have been waiting to see this post and all the amazing photos you took. What a fun, beautiful day! Hopping over to your flickr now to see more. XO!

    • I am so glad that we went!! I’m thinking about printing some of these out– I even made them into a slideshow-wallpaper for my work computer. They make me smile. :)

  2. Ricky and I were thinking about going this past weekend, but just didn’t make it up there. Beautiful pictures as always :-)

    • You should have gone!! Or at least go another time… if you ever need someone to go with, I’ll definitely be game! I want to go again to see what else blooms!

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