lovely, lovely gray-ish

Sometimes I think too much. Other times I am impulsive. If I average it all out it appears as though I take a reasonable amount of time to make most decisions.

It took me over a year to finally decide on what kind of kitchen island I wanted and then build it.

On the other end of the spectrum… last week I decided I wanted to paint my master bedroom gray, with creamy off-white board and batten. I bought paint on Friday and started painting on Saturday. (I would have started Friday night but it was after 1130pm by the time I got home. I was trying to be smart and get some rest before tackling the project.)

I probably should have taken advantage of the gorgeous weather and mowed my lawn… but no. I painted.

(Once I finally decide on anything, be it 1 year or less than a week in the making– I want to do it now.)

I decided on Valspar’s Metropolis… it’s a blueish gray. Sometimes it looks more blue than gray, sometimes even purple depending on the light.


I went into Lowe’s planning on getting Vintage Gray but made the mistake of looking at other samples first. I’m glad I went with Metropolis… later that night I found the paint my mom used in their guest room–Vintage Gray. Figures. No wonder I liked it–I helped her choose it!

I painted Saturday morning and into the afternoon, finishing most of the gray areas with about 2 coats, give or take in some areas depending on how well (or not) I covered it the first time. I painted most of the off-white areas below and including the chair rail and baseboards on Sunday and Monday after work with more finishing touches on Tuesday.

(In my haste I taped onto the newly painted gray walls before it had enough time to set properly so the paint came off in some areas when I took off the tape after painting the chair rail. Live and learn I suppose.)


There are still a few places I want to paint off-white… like my closet doors, the window and door frames, etc. But I am calling it “done”– for now! I haven’t shown many photos of my bedroom so far, mostly because I haven’t done much in there until now. So here are the “before” shots (light beige above the chair rail and a tan-ish below) followed by the corresponding “after” shots…











I kind of wish it was a bit more gray and less blue, but it is growing on me and I don’t regret my impulsive decision to paint! I feel like it is more me now than it was before.


A few other take-home notes…

  • Painting baseboards is a pain. Thankfully mine are flat (nothing fancy to them) and I was able to use 2″ painters tape directly on my carpet, nudging it under the baseboards with a thin piece of cardboard (actually–my paint chip from Lowe’s). I wasn’t sure if it would work or not–but to my pleasant surprise, it did! No paint on the carpet! (Other than the time I splashed a bit getting paint on my roller… oops.)MasterPaint-8
  • Steady hands and steady eyes allow for skipping steps. Kinda. I didn’t tape while I painted above the chair rail. I probably should have, but I managed to keep most of the paint where it was supposed to be. The only time I goofed was when I wasn’t paying attention to where my roller or brush was going… hitting the ceiling or trim. It’s not too noticeable…
  • Dogs with bushy tails and kitties that like to dip their little paws into everything are not good painting company. And they don’t appreciate being locked out of rooms.
  • The creamy color is Behr’s Off-White… left over from when I painted my living room and kitchen (for the trim) and I also used it on my kitchen island!
  • I painted over my fuse box. It’s not the prettiest thing ever but at least now it doesn’t stick out quite as obviously as it did before.

Now that it’s painted I really want to add boards for my fake board and batten, add some art, refinish my dresser and night stand, maybe build a new (and larger) bed… oh, and build my built-in bookcases and window seat/bench.



4 responses to “lovely, lovely gray-ish

  1. I LOVE it!! It is so calming, nice and relaxing for a cozy bedroom.

    I also like the tip of cardboard to slide under the baseboards. When we eventually paint our baseboards, I will do the same thing.

    Nice work! Turned out awesome!

    • I’ve also heard of people using a metal spatula type tool as they paint to keep the paint from getting on their floors–but that seemed like it would take too much coordination and skill. I like tape. :)

  2. Beautiful! We are also paitning – the Willamette View Bunk ‘n Buscuit as we call it. We totally understand the agony of selecting just the right color, only to decide at the last minute to throw traditional Craftsman colors out (too drab) and go with an inspired Baja Bungalow!!! (bright) I’ll post some pictures soon! Well done Sarah, Bravo! xoxoxox

  3. This turned out amazing! I thought it’d be more mild and gray but I REALLY like the blue-ish gray. It makes such a difference! Congrats!

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