alien tulips

Aren’t tulips supposed to have one bloom per bulb/stem?

Most of mine do…

But this one:


It’s a bit strange.


There’s THREE blooms on a single stem!

Maybe it’s the bulb food I added before planting. Definitely isn’t my hopeful green thumb.


I thought it was a fluke… but then I looked at some of the others and found a few double-blossom tulips.


Is this normal?!

(I’m not complaining! I’m actually quite excited… I can’t wait to see what they look like once the blooms open!)


One response to “alien tulips

  1. When I went to the tulip festival a couple years back I remember seeing what I called “twins” and “triplets” which is exactly what I see you have here! They werent super obvious, but once you spotted it you would notice all the rest!

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