my fave hunting grounds

Hunting antiques/thrift items, that is.

It is a bit of an addiction, obsession, passion… whatever you call it, I love looking for great items that I can use in my home or re-purpose into something spectacular–especially when I get to go with great friends!


I figured it was time that I compile a little list of some of my favorite local (Kitsap County, WA) thrifting-hunting grounds in case you want to get out for yourself to see what you might find!

(Keep in mind that I prefer antique malls that aren’t super staged and arranged… I like to sift through things in search of a great find at a reasonable price. I am also not an “antique collector”–I’m not looking for items of great value, rarity, or authenticity. I like to find things that I can use and enjoy in my home.)ThriftFinds-3

1. Olde Central Antique Mall, 801 Bay Street, Port Orchard, WA

This is one of my top favorites… and probably where the “passion” really grew to questionable levels. Sara and I once spent a few hours one Saturday exploring each of the vendor’s booths, bought a few things, took a break for lunch–then decided we needed to go back for a second, quick walk-through (and picked up a few more things). Two floors and lots of variety–kitchen items, glassware, dolls, prints and ads, windows, furniture, etc. (I bought my two window-mirrors there, plus many other things…)


2. New 2 You, 1696 SE Mile Hill Dr Ste 101, Port Orchard, WA

I’ve only been here once–but I intend to go back! It’s part of the South Kitsap Mall (where the Rose’s craft and hobby store used to be) and is just one level, but it’s packed! I was pleasantly surprised at how much was there. I didn’t buy much–just a little copper bin to hold my napkins for $3. They had some top-notch creepy items, too… like Barbie doll heads attached to T-Rex toy bodies. Awesome. (The Port Orchard Goodwill is in the same complex!)


3. Silverdale Goodwill, 10001 Mickelberry Rd NW, Silverdale, WA

Whenever I go through Silverdale I have to talk myself out of going into GW. It’s difficult… and, quite honestly, often pointless because I go in anyway. Any Goodwill outing is hit and miss. Sometimes I come away empty handed… other times I need to leave because I can’t carry anymore without dropping things and drawing unwanted attention to myself. (Remember my GW-stalker? Yeah, don’t want to encourage anymore of that.) One of the awesome things about GW is that each weekend (Thurs-Sun) there is a different discount–usually 50% off of a certain tag color (red, blue, green, or pink). I’ve learned that it helps to go on Thursdays so you might actually find things with that weekend’s colored tag. (There’s also a GW in East Bremerton and one in Port Orchard.)


4. Perry Mall Antiques, 2901 Perry Ave # 3, Bremerton, WA

I just recently went to the Perry Mall with Sara where we met up with Natalie, her husband Jake and their adorable daughter Sawyer. It’s definitely another place worthy of many return visits in the future. Lots of variety, including a separate area just for furniture! Some prices were a bit high but we were able to find some good deals all the same. Jake found a great crate for $5! I’ve seen similar items other places for $25+! I came away with a little egg basket and a few bottle openers. (The ladies at the store were also really nice–they opened the furniture area a bit early for us when they saw that we were looking through the windows. I love great customer service.)


5. Viking Village Thrift Store, 20530 Viking Ave NW # C, Poulsbo, WA

I had been meaning to stop by this thrift store ever since I stopped there thinking it was a Napa Auto Parts store (it used to be!) when I needed a new head light. I finally went in a little while back and actually found a few things! It’s another mall-type store with various vendors. It wasn’t quite as organized or nice as some of the other places I’ve been too, but the prices were reasonable. I bought two small Fire King bowls for $1 each (other places I’ve seen them for $1.50 to $2.50) and a pretty milk glass pedestal vase for $3. It’s not at the top of my list of places to go, but worth checking into every now and then.

6. Poulsbo Antique Mall, 18955 Anderson Pkwy NE, Poulsbo, WA

Another great place of random vendors and lots of variety. I don’t think I’ve actually purchased anything from here before… which is strange since they’re right in my backyard. I’ve seen a lot of items I like here but I try not to buy anything unless I know what I’ll use it for or where I’ll put it… which is the only reason why I haven’t taken something home from the Poulsbo Antique Mall (yet).

7. TeeDee’s Consignments, 3541 NW Carlton, Silverdale, WA 98383

I’ve been meaning to go to TeeDee’s in Old Town Silverdale ever since my aunt first mentioned it to me months ago–but they are always closed when I go by. According to their website they will be open on Saturdays from 12n to 4pm starting May 7th (this Saturday!) and through the summer… so hopefully I’ll finally get to stop in and see what they have! (Right now they are open Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm and closed on weekends.)

This is obviously a very short and incomplete list. I know there are many more antique and thrift malls/stores around Kitsap County… do you know of any that I should check out??


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  1. I 100% agree with your list! What great spots we have for treasure hunting, all nearby. I had so much fun with you & Nat last Saturday!

    • Thanks, Sara! I felt like I was forgetting something–but I think I got the best ones on there (that we know of, anyway). The only bad thing about making this list is that it makes me want to go to them all right now! I had a great time on Saturday, too… and look forward to our next adventure!

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