for the love of birds

I bought a lovely copper bird feeder from TJ Maxx. I was really excited about getting more birds to come into my yard– I’ve been loving their songs this spring!


I wanted to figure out how it worked so I took it apart… and broke it.

I was super bummed.

I accidentally knocked the glass globe against the metal rod that ran down the middle, knocking out a chunk of glass.

I put the glass pieces into the recycling thinking that I could find something to replace it… maybe a glass cylinder or something.

But then I realized the top and bottom of the glass globe were different sizes… I would have to find a weird cone shape to get it to work. Or order a new globe, assuming I could find the company online.

My stubborn streak kicked in and I retrieved the glass pieces, bought some Gorilla glue, and pieced it back together while wearing my yellow kitchen gloves so I wouldn’t get the glue on my skin. (Then popped the glass chunk out again on accident… I decided to leave the house so I couldn’t mess with it.)


It looks ugly. The glue is very obvious and I really don’t know how well it will hold with birdseed in it. But I had to try… so I bought a shepherd’s hook thing, some seed from Costco, and set it up in my front yard. (Somehow I managed to get the glue side facing away from the house– it actually looks nice!)


In all honesty I was waiting to write about it, thinking that I would be taking photos of a pile of birdseed and more broken glass in my yard after a day or so.

But so far so good… the glass is holding and I’ve seen a few birds having a bit to eat.


I’m still skeptical–but glad I found a quicker and cheaper solution than buying a new globe online! I just hope it continues to hold!