why am I so excited?

I am still super excited about my new lamps I scored at Goodwill a few weeks ago. Perhaps too excited.

I went in on a whim, not thinking I’d find anything.

Then I found two of these lamp bases:


Not only were they matching lamps, which is rare enough to find at GW, but the color (a grayish blue) was perfect for my newly painted bedroom and I loved the shape (they remind me of Sara’s lamp she found awhile back). PLUS they were 50% off so I scored both bases for $7!


I bought the shades new at Lowe’s for $15 each. I highly doubt I’ll ever be lucky enough to find two, nice matching lamp shades at GW. (The plastic is still on the shades in these photos… I was testing them to see if they worked and I wanted to compare them to shades at Target. Target has similar ones for $13 but I decided that the effort to return these two and buy new ones from Target wasn’t worth the $4 I would save on the shades. Gas is too expensive.)


I also bought a handful of frames (most of which were also 50% off that weekend) that I plan on using in a gallery-style display in my bedroom. That little project is still in the works…


3 responses to “why am I so excited?

  1. I wish Tina would be up to looking at GW and antique shops for stuff. She is still convinced that no good things come from places like GW and that antique shops are over-priced.

    • You’ll have to convince her to embrace the spirit of the hunt! Yes, 99% of the stuff is junk and/or over-priced… but the thrill of finding that special 1% is what it’s all about!! (Plus, I would think that CA would have AMAZING places to look!)

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