dig a little deeper

I have this great desire to buy lots of plants and do lots of gardening… even though I don’t have places prepared to actually plant things. Still.

Tearing up plastic on my “hill” and beating the hard-pan earth below it to make it workable just isn’t appealing to me.

Until I get enough motivation to tackle that little item on my to-do list I make do with the tiny area around my front stoop.



I picked up a few English daisies (the bright pink things) and candy tufts (the white ones) at Home Depot for $2 a piece. (Both are perennials.)


I love the little tubular petals of the English daisy.


One night I came home from a frustrating day at work, intending to do something that wasn’t weeding or gardening. Next thing I knew… my fading hyacinths were cut back, weeds were pulled, and my new little plants were packed in around my existing lavender plant, protected by my extra garden fence.


The best part of it all: I was relaxed. No more lingering frustration from the long day.

And I almost want to tackle my hard-pan hill so I can do some more!


(Also… I just have to note that I had an epic weekend. Yes, epic.)