flowers make me smile

I love flowers. They make me smile… and I like smiling. Some even remind me of special people or events–which makes my heart smile, too.

I tried to make a list of my favorite flowers. It was much more difficult than I thought it would be! Here’s what I came up with…

1. Peonies. I am slightly obsessed with them. They are just so frilly and feminine I can’t help but adore them!

2. Hydrangeas. Beautiful on the plant, in bouquets, and even dried. (I used to have a bunch of dried hydrangeas around the house… then I got Louie the Terror Kitty. He quickly discovered that they make an irresistible crunchy/crinkly noise.)

3. Lavender. Another obsession.

4. Dahlias. I have a soft spot for dahlias. My paternal grandparents used to have a huge garden of dahlias. People would come and pick their own bouquets. I loved walking through the rows of flowers, picking out my favorite ones. (Usually the white ones with red flecks… I called them candy-cane dahlias but I’m sure they have a different name.)

5. Ranunculus. I love the ribbon-look they have. I first “discovered” them when we grabbed some orange ones in a grocery store, along with other flowers, to create a bouquet to give to Sara after her dance performance awhile back. They’ve caught my eye ever since.

6. Tulips. I love spring bulbs… they give me hope of sunnier days ahead after the long, gray winter we tend to have here in the great PNW.

7. Gerbera daisies. So sweet… and they remind me of friends.

(I didn’t purposely choose all pink flowers as examples –except of course the lavender– it just happened that the photos that caught my eye were mostly pink! I guess I like pink more than I thought.)

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  1. Love all these choices!! So pretty… Hopefully I can share a peony transplant from my yard one day!! XO

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