front yard bird watching


This is why I wanted a bird feeder.


So I can stand at my front door and watch all different sorts of birds visit my yard. (I’d stand closer but they fly away.)


The other day I had two little American goldfinches… I think one was a male and the other a female. (The one in the photo above is the male.) There was also a bird with reddish coloring… I’m not sure what it was. Possibly a Cassin’s or House Finch.


I think this little guy is a white-crowned sparrow… but honestly, so many of the little birds in my field guide look almost exactly alike so I could be way off.

(You can see that my bird feeder has lasted with the Gorilla Glue repairs… although I took it down the other day to add more glue. The broken piece was loose. I’m hoping that the second application of glue will secure it for good–or at least a few more weeks!)