it’s a rain chain!

Sara and I met up at our favorite Goodwill a little bit ago… mostly to chat and catch up with each other, but also to see what goodies we might find.

I didn’t see much I had to have until we found this…


It’s a copper rain chain! It was priced at $9.99… normally I would think that’s a bit much for a GW-find and I would pass it by, but I couldn’t part with it.

I mean… it’s COPPER!

I didn’t know exactly how much they were brand new so I did a bit of Googling when I got home… I found similar ones anywhere from $50 to $120!

Now I just need to figure out how to install the thing…


3 responses to “it’s a rain chain!

    • Haha I guess I should have described that… it’s basically a prettier downspout. You can install it from the gutter where and run it into a rain barrel or some other drain that takes the water away from your house/building.

  1. Sarah, I love your craftiness! I hope you can teach me your ways when I live closer to you. :)

    I also had never heard of a rain chain, but I love it!

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