Memorial Adventures

I love three-day weekends. But even though they are longer than my normal weekend, when they end I wish they would last just a bit longer.

I guess that just makes me appreciate weekends more. Or something like that.

I tried to pack a bunch of stuff into the long weekend… it started Thursday evening with a trip over to Seattle for a dear friend’s surprise birthday dinner at The Pink Door. (Delicious food and great atmosphere–even though we had to wait 45 minutes after our reservation to be seated. The staff was great and gave us free appetizers for our wait!)


Friday evening I headed to Portland to meet up with a few friends from Western… that night Tim and I had some great sushi then stayed up discussing our plans in case of a zombie outbreak/attack. Saturday we walked around the Portland market with John and Dana, admired the carnival, and ended our mini reunion with an AMAZING meal of fresh, authentic tacos at Porque No? (which means “why not?” in Spanish). (I had two of their Pescado tacos and one veggie… and of course a Pacifico. If you’re ever in the Portland area I HIGHLY recommend going there. Unless you hate good Mexican food.)


I headed back home Saturday afternoon (made a quick stop at an antique mall in Kalama… not impressed), went shopping with the mom on Sunday at the Seattle Premium Outlets, got in some spontaneous quality time with Sara, then finished with a great breakfast on Bainbridge Island (at the Steamliner Diner–YUM!) and movie on Monday with an awesome guy.

The take-away from this rambling post? There’s great food to be had in Portland and on Bainbridge Island.


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  1. I’m less interested in the good food, and more interested in who this awesome guy you speak of is…

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