Tollers Aren’t Made for Heat

We had an amazing, very warm weekend here in the PNW… over 70 degrees! FINALLY! I just might believe summer is here…


While I enjoyed the sunshine and warmth, it was a bit much for Tay-Boy.


Tollers are not made for warm weather.


Give him some snow, however… and you have a very happy Toller.


Or water. A beach or from the hose… that is one perk of spring/summer.


Thankfully my house stays relatively cool and he’s good at finding shade. (And I give him ice cubes and douse him with the hose every now and then.)

I on the other hand spent most of Saturday in the yard without sunblock… and ended up looking like a lobster. Then Louie the Terror Kitty decided to jump on my shoulders… not a good combo.


2 responses to “Tollers Aren’t Made for Heat

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    • Thank you so much!! I am glad you have found my blog and have been enjoying reading… and the award! I’m honored!

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