spring is in the air

I got home on Wednesday and let Taylor out to do his business and he kept going back to this one spot along the fence, digging and getting super excited. He had been interested in the same spot the night before, which is quite unusual for him. He’s not normally a digger (except the one time he dug and escaped out of his kennel).

I went over to try to figure out what in the world could get him to be so animated/obsessive/weird(-er than normal).

And I found a baby bunny!

After a few moments of freaking out (what do I do with an abandoned baby baby??) it dawned on me that rabbits aren’t known for producing one offspring at a time.

After some more pondering and subtle freaking-out (mostly internally, with a few texts to the guy) I noticed that some of the cut grass and moss kept moving strangely. At first I attributed it to the fly exploring the area… but no fly could move moss like that.

But these guys could:



I counted a total of 7 little baby bunnies… not even old enough to have their eyes open yet. (I was very careful to NOT touch them! I was able to nudge the stranded one back with his baby bunny brothers with a stick.)




I have no idea if the abandoned baby will survive… being dug up by a dog has got to be traumatic. Not to mention all the other threats in the area.

I couldn’t just leave them completely defenseless now that Taylor discovered their nest…


Not sure if the blocks will deter Taylor… but I had to do something.

I’ve lived here for nearly 2 years now and I’ve seen LOTS of adult and young rabbits around my place and in the neighborhood, but this was the first time I’ve come across a nest of baby bunnies.

It seems like an appropriate spring-time discovery, never-mind that we’re officially into summer now!


4 responses to “spring is in the air

  1. Ohhh…how sweet! We found some last year and added more grass clippings around it. We were carefull not to touch either and would stay out with the pups so they wouldn’t disturb the nest. They actually made it! After a little while, they had all left the nest and move on. What a sweet way to start the morning. : )

    • I just added some more grass clippings, too… I’m glad to hear that yours survived! It gives me more hope that these guys will, too!!

  2. How cute!!! If they stick around, I would love to come see them! Brando calls me Dr. Doolittle because I love animals and tend to find myself in similar situations. I found a baby robin last year! Thanks for sharing :)

    • Haha I love that! Dr. Doolittle!! You’ll definitely have to come see them… they’re pretty cute! Their eyes are almost open now…

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