I am very easily entertained… I really, truly find joy in the simple things. That’s not to say I don’t ever get bored–I do! But most of the time I can find something to do or I am content to just be… especially when in good company.

One of my favorite little joys is watching the weather. Not the monotonous, boring gray sheet of clouds that we have nine months of the year in the Pacific Northwest–but the dynamic weather systems moving across the horizon.


And looking for beautiful breaks in the clouds, allowing the sun to stream through in beams of light.


I love different kinds of clouds… one of my favorite courses I took in college was a climatology course. Incredibly nerdy, I know…


(Another favorite was soils–even more nerdy! I love looking at soil horizons…)


It might not have been the most spectacular or colorful dusk/sunset… but it was still beautiful.


And always changing.


(These were all taken from Kitsap Memorial State Park… a great site. <a title=”Kayla Kayla and Mattgot married there last summer!)


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